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Push notifications to customer's mobile device

Instead of using traditional communication channels to communicate with your customers, "push notification" is a more desirable option on mobile platform that can serve to broadcast your promotional message without disturbing them with critical communication channels such as SMS and email etc.

Provide information & services with concise interface

Conzoomer creates the app with highly flexible deployment options. It provides sophisticated features for your customers such as table reservation, online order, reservation, voting and social media integration etc. Moreover, the look and feel can be totally personalized with easy-to-use administrative tools for creating hot items, special offer, product catalogue and contact information etc.

Allow customer to collect stamps via smart phone

Although stamp collection approach has already been commonly adopted by many retailers as their customer loyalty program, it may not be as effective as expected because customers do not always carry the stamp card with them due to the limited spare space of their wallets. Now, Conzoomer offers a better and practical solution by transforming your smart phone to a stamp card. As long as customers have downloaded your app, they can use their smart phones to collect e-Stamp in order to exchange for promotional offers. It does not only improve the value of your promotion campaign, but also makes your campaign measureable.

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