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About Conzoomer

Nowadays, mobile devices are considered to be everyone's necessities. It has become our daily habit to browse information with our mobile devices. In the market, there are many chain stores, designer brands and even shopping malls which have already developed their own apps to penetrate, gain market shares and maximize their brand awareness. One successful and recognized app can provide comprehensive information and services to customers while at the same time allowing you to connect with the customers regularly to create more sales opportunities.

Many enterprises have been hesitating to develop their own apps for their brands and retailers due to high investment cost and tight resource allocation. That's where Conzoomer comes in! You can leverage this ready-to-use, full featured app for a low subscription fee. You can have your app ready for your customers to download for free in no time.

Conzoomer is an easy-to-use development platform for you to tailor-make your own app with interfaces and features compatible with different mobile devices. You will have an app for your business instantly by adding photos and content to Conzoomer which then helps to upload your app to the App Store or Google Play. What's even more amazing is that any changes on your app will be updated on your customers' devices automatically.